Corporate Profile

Boustead Plantations Berhad (BPB) was listed on Bursa Malaysia in June 2014. We are principally involved in the ownership and management of oil palm plantations, cultivation of oil palm and harvesting of its fresh fruit bunches and the production and sales of crude palm oil and palm kernel.

We own, co-own or lease a total of 48 oil palm plantation estates and 10 palm oil mills in Malaysia with 19 plantation estates in Peninsular Malaysia, 20 in Sabah and 9 in Sarawak. We own and operate 3 palm oil mills in Peninsular Malaysia, 5 in Sabah and 2 in Sarawak. Our total landbank stands over 98,200 Ha. Out of this total, the area under oil palm cultivation is approximately 79,400 Ha comprising of 24,000 Ha in Peninsular Malaysia, 41,800 Ha in Sabah and 13,600 Ha in Sarawak.

Our involvement in the oil palm agricultural and agronomic research is through our associate company, Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn Bhd (AAR). AAR provides agronomic advisory services and commercial production of oil palm planting materials as well as conducts agricultural research on tissue culture clonal propagation of oil palm.

Boustead Plantations Berhad
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